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Readers express concern for Sufiah

- The sad story of Sufiah Yusof, the child prodigy who had reportedly become an adult hooker, has elicited many sympathetic responses from bloggers and Netizens.

British tabloid News of the World had published a report that the Math genius, who had entered Oxford University at the age of 12, was now charging £130 (RM829) for sex through a Manchester-based hookers’ website for “Asian escorts”.

One blogger wrote after reading the story: “You may come to the conclusion that this is a classic example of a child being pushed too hard.

“A child who was forced into ‘education slavery’ far too young without being able to enjoy her childhood.

“I believe that most of what she had done in the past was an act of defiance; a mutinous act against her father to state, ‘Hey, stop pushing me around. I need a life too!’”

An old friend of Sufiah’s responded: “As a human and woman I do really care about her and am also worried about her religion.

“I know it must be some secret of her life that made her lost. How can I contact or e-mail her?”

A blogger from Malaysia wrote: “I am sad with what had happened. Come back to Malaysia, you have many friends here.”

Some said she should be forgiven and guided back to the right path through religious teachings.

News of the World had reported, “Calling herself Shilpa Lee, the former child prodigy still juggles with figures on a hookers’ website, describing herself as a ‘very pretty size 8, 32D bust and 5’5” tall - available for booking every day from 11am to 8pm’.”

The newspaper’s reporter had posed as a potential client and “she laughed and joked as she led him to her small apartment where a bed was already set out in the lounge.”

Several grainy pictures of her in the nude were also published in the tabloid.

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