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Nazrin: Courts not opera houses

The courts should not be allowed to sink to the level of theatrical operas or turned into an arena for individuals to gain political mileage, said Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

“We must, at all costs, never allow the courts to degenerate to a level where society regards them as a theatre performing an opera scripted by certain directors.

Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah
“Control must also be exercised to prevent anyone from turning the courts into an arena to garner political mileage,” he said at the 13th convocation of the Certificate in Legal Practice Year 2007 examination at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday.

He said a legal system that was just and had the people’s confidence was a prerequisite for ensuring that peace in the country is not undermined.

“A just legal system is an effective instrument to deter citizens from seeking disastrous alternatives which could lead a developed country into a state of anarchy,” he said.

Raja Dr Nazrin emphasised that a transparent and credible legal system was also an important component in enhancing the confidence of the outside world, particularly foreign investors, in the country.

He said today’s borderless world opened up opportunities for local legal practitioners to offer their services abroad.

While striving to garner experience at the international arena, the legal practitioners should maintain their good name and the integrity of the legal service so that the country’s legal practitioners were not regarded with prejudice, he said.

“This development demands that the legal profession in the country introduce stricter professional criteria to maintain the good name and integrity of the legal service,” he said.

Raja Dr Nazrin advised the 248 graduates to always give priority to quality of service and professional principles in discharging their responsibilities.

He said that though it is hoped that an increase in the number of legal practitioners could expedite the process of justice, the strength of the profession did not hinge on the rising number of lawyers but on the quality and integrity of the service offered.

He said legal practitioners were duty-bound to uphold the sovereignty of the country’s judicial system and set a good example for the people.

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