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Grandma set to campaign

Barely a day after 89-year-old Maimun Yusuf made headlines as possibly the country’s oldest ever election candidate, the grandmother sparked off a media frenzy again when she was not seen at home for almost the whole day.

Reporters and photographers who had gathered at her house in Kampung Gong Gemia since the morning waited anxiously, but Maimun was nowhere to be seen.

Attracting support: Maimun greeting her friends and neighbours as she set off campaigning at Jalan Panji Alam, Kuala Terengganu, yesterday.
Several of her neighbours said that she had gone campaigning, while others said she had returned to her family home in Kampung Atas Tol.

All speculation, however, was laid to rest when she finally came home at about 4pm – on her trusty old red bicycle.

Alamak, ramainya kamu (Oh dear, there’re so many of you),” the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat hopeful said as she greeted them with a smile.

The kain songket trader, a divorcee with seven grandchildren, said she had been busy all morning preparing for her campaign.

“I was busy printing my election posters. I needed to have by picture taken too,” added Maimun, who invited pressmen up to her dilapidated wooden kampung house.

Although a newcomer to the political scene, Maimun soon got down to business, constantly highlighting her intent to make Kuala Terengganu a better place for the rakyat.

“There are many things that need to be changed. Look at the office buildings and schools. They all need to be refurbished,” said Maimun, who has lived all her life in the village.

Asked if she had other dissatisfactions, she simply replied: “Adalah (there are many),” but declined to elaborate.

She was also unaware that her candidacy had caused headlines, and asked to see her picture in the paper.

Maimun has so far spent RM10,000 to register as a candidate, and has forked out more than RM3,000 in her campaign preparations.

“My only child, Khuzaimah Abdullah, in her 50s, who stays in Paka is not very happy with the way I’ve spent my savings.

“But InsyaAllah, with God’s help I will win the elections,” added Maimun, who invited pressmen to follow her on her campaign rounds to homes along Jalan Panji Alam.

She cycled along greeting neighbours and friends with: “Ingat ya, undilah untuk anak kunci (Remember to vote for the key logo),” she said.

She chose to use the key logo to contest under after her own logo (which incorporated the state flag) was rejected by the Returning Officer.

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