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Chong caught in hostage situation

Datuk Michael Chong is well-known for his ability to solve people’s problems, but on Monday, the tables turned on him for a while.

A man threatening suicide held the MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau head hostage at his office in Jalan Ampang here.

Y.S. Siew, 64, held a foot-long knife and threatened to end his life in front of Chong before changing his mind a split second later.

The Chinese national swung the knife towards Chong and several others in the office, asking them to die together with him.

But the drama ended barely 10 minutes later when Chong persuaded Siew to surrender the weapon in exchange for a phone conversation with his nephew in Bandar Sunway.

“I informed security immediately and luckily, managed to coax him to cool down,” Chong said, adding that he then invited Siew into the room.

He said Siew told him that he had been holding a red identity card (IC) since he came to Malaysia some years ago and his application for a blue IC had yet to be approved.

“He is very upset that his application for a blue IC has yet to be approved after countless submissions.

“He asked me to assist him in the procedures needed for him to return to his relatives in his home country,” said Chong.

He said Siew’s nephew revealed that his uncle had nasal cancer and was currently undergoing treatment.

“His nephew, who is his only remaining relative in Malaysia, was shocked to find out that Siew managed to find his way to Wisma MCA.

“Sadly, he said that it is impossible for Siew to return to China because they have long lost contact with their relatives there,” Chong said.

There were more than 10 complainants at the waiting area in Chong’s office and they were shocked to see Siew barging in with a knife.

“He wanted to prove that he is serious about the blue IC,” Chong said, adding that Siew later apologised for his actions.

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