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Rumours rife of oil price hike

MIRI: Persistent rumours of another round of fuel-price hike has been causing undue concern for folks living in cities to those in the deep interior settlements and remote border villages in northern Sarawak.

The rumours, that had been circulating for the past few days, picked up steam on New Year's Eve. The rumours spread via SMS (short messaging service) messages with claims that Jan 1 would see fuel prices increasing by up to 40sen.

Ba'Kelalan state assemblyman Nelson Balang Rining was busy trying to quell the rumours.

''I don't know how or where the rumours originated, but it spread even to the highlands of my constituency. Many worried folks asked if there would be an impending hike in the prices of fuel.

''These rumours had been circulating in the interior for a few days already. During my rounds to the various settlements, I advised the people not to resort to panic-buying or hoarding of the fuel.

''There is enough supply to go around. I told the people that there is no need to be worried,'' he said when interviewed Tuesday.

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