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Employ locals or lose MAS contract, says union

PETALING JAYA: MAS appointed operators and vendors who are not willing to use only Malaysian staff, should terminate their contracts with the airline.

Malaysia Airlines Employees Union (Maseu) said in a statement that youths in the country were eager to work and give a good image to the tourism sector.

“Of course, they must be given ample wages and other fringe benefits.

“It is also completely untrue, as we have heard from certain quarters, that locals are reluctant to work in high-risk and dirty places.

“As long as the pay is lucrative, as we see in oil rigs, the locals will have no problem getting their hands dirty,” said Maseu executive secretary Mustafar Maarof.

He also lauded Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s announcement that foreigners would no longer be allowed to serve customers at all airports.

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