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Dr M and Siti Hasmah pay ailing Suharto a visit

JAKARTA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday visited former Indonesian president Suharto, who is in critical condition after being admitted to Pertamina Central Hospital here 11 days ago.

The former prime minister, who was accompanied by his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamed Ali, spent about 25 minutes in Suharto’s ward.

Former state secretary and Suharto's confidant Murdiono told reporters: “Mahathir talked to Pak Harto. He said several times into Suharto's ear: 'Mahathir has come'.”

Pak Harto is an affectionate name used by many Indonesians to refer to their former leader.

Suharto, who was the second Indonesian president (1966-1998), led the republic for 32 years and was responsible for bringing stability and progress to Indonesia.

Along with former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who visited the gravely ill ex-Indonesian leader on Saturday, Suharto was among the founding fathers of Asean

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